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Digital Technology for Smart Industry

     Digital Technology for Smart Industry (DTSI), a Community of Practice (CoP) under TIChE, is a network of professionals ranging from academia, industry, and government sectors, who have common interest in digital technology and its applications for process industry in Thailand.  Therefore, our Vision is to be top-of-mind community in digital technology applications for everyone involving with process industry.  DTSI Mission is called “RUNS” consisting of

  1. Reference: to provide reference such as actual industrial problems and consultation about digital technology & application by experts
  2. Upskill: to develop technical capability of students and engineers to be ready for rapid & continuing change of digital technology
  3. Network: to build network of persons among industry, academia, government, vendors, etc.
  4. Share: to exchange knowledge, experience, and best practice on digital technology & application without confidential information

In this beginning, DTSI currently focus on two themes: 1) Process Simulation & Automation, and 2) CAE/CFD Simulation.  New themes will be further added.  Our activities include semi-annual Community Knowledge Sharing Day, CAE/CFD consultation & service, and news on digital technology shared in Facebook for community members and general public.  Activity related to Education will be launched in the future.

We are committed to provide safe industrial solutions to many factories

CAE/CFD focus group

CAE/CFD focus group is a community of CAE/CFD specialists from academic and industrial sector with expertise in Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD).

Process simulation and automation

Process simulation and automation is a community of